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 lol apples's mod app

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lol apples
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PostSubject: lol apples's mod app   Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:29 am

well hi eternityx players and this is my mod app Very Happy

My irl name is Adam and my ign is lol apples, I'm 15 years old, I like in south Australia, I have had lost of experience with rsps's I have been famous and very friendly in a lot of rsps's, I have been close to being a mod or an admin so many times but it has never happened... yet...

I think I deserve mod because,
1. I am a donator
2. I'm friendly
3. I'm active on the game
4. I listen to ppl even if I'm busy
5. I'm not like some staff members on other servers that if your a lvl 100- your not included in the server and your blind to ppl.
6. I'm helpful... very helpful
7. I may not be perfect but I respect players and the rules.
8. I treat everyone equally just I get along with friends more like anyone would do.
9. I'm mostly a positive person.
10. I have made 3 guides.

If all the mod places are full I'm happy to go as a admin! um i think that's all,
thanks for viewing I really hope I get mod! or admin Very Happy

lol apples.
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lol apples's mod app
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